Chasing Out Darkness

Chasing Out Darkness

I'd like to share something with you.

The concept of Source For Being is not complicating, though that doesn't mean I know exactly where it's going. Perhaps by design. And perhaps, after a while its essence will emerge refined, and capable of speaking for itself. 

The beauty of where I am in this season of discovery is that I'm seeking my heart when adding to or taking from my life. The journey has already been a whirlwind, and so I anticipate that much more will come by way of adventure, growth, and revelation. 

In my life, the line has been drawn. I can see evil like a blanket, covering the earth, with sharp tentacles that catch and cling to anyone willing. It has permeated society and corrupted generations. And so, I venture to push back all the while steadfast in sight of the path I feel led to pave. 

I had to consider, deeply, how I wanted to weather the war that is raging, because much of the world still sleeps, albeit with eyes wide open. Sleeps on their commute to work, sleeps through obligations and responsibilities, sleeps through church. Imagine what we could do if we did not fail to know the times that we are in. And so, here I am at the convergence of so many things.

Source For Being is an opportunity to share and inspire, to be a light and encourage others to consider the war that rages in our hearts and minds as we relate to the world around us. To stake claim of ourselves from the wicked in this world and restore the goodness that exists where God is also. We need to invite God back into our lives and into our schools. Period.

In the hours of darkness, let the light spread like a wildfire so the truth would shine bright– a beacon on the path before us. One step at a time. I look forward to seeing where this journey goes. 

Let me know what you think!

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  • Tania Jarvinen

    Thank you, for having the courage.


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