Fall Horizon
Fall Horizon
Fall Horizon
Fall Horizon
Fall Horizon
Fall Horizon
Fall Horizon
Fall Horizon

Fall Horizon

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About the work

Beyond the path that cuts between the trees, there begins your journey. You have all the time between that point and the mountains far off in the distance– so where will the journey take you? Usually, I first come upon a creek, whispering as it trickles over stones of all sizes. I have to hop stones in some areas to clear the creek, but it's not deep, and the water is pure. 

From where you cross the creek, out across the landscape and creeping up onto the foothills of the mountain, is a blanket of dancing color as far as the eyes can see. Stretching from left to right, and corner to corner, are wild flowers a-sway in the breeze, birds singing and sounds of rustling. The field reflects colorful patterns that move around the austerely placed trees and shrubs, and comes alive every time the wind speaks.  

When you reach the end of the field, you'll find the foliage thickens and the dense forested foothills beg you to slow down, to be summoned to a spot where you'll find a path that takes you up the mountain. What lays beyond the door of the mountain foothill is yet another adventurous journey. 


Essential materials such as papers and canvas have been carefully selected to enhance the quality of all archival reproductions. To learn more about this giclee reproduction and the materials and finishes we have selected, visit tabs Materials and Finishes

A few things to note

Print size(s) available: 9 x 12, 18 x 24  (this is not the over-all size of work)

We've partnered with a trusted fine art reproduction company in the USA, ensuring that each work we ship is constructed by hand with great attention to detail and is of exceptional quality. We select materials to best enhance each work by using archival grade papers, canvas, conservation grade mat boards and archival quality acrylic glass, which not only protects the work from UV damage but is lighter, won't break in transit, and creates a beautiful layer - free from reflective glare.

Your new work will arrive with a Certificate of Authentication, and ready to hang (unless of course you ordered a print only, in which case it will be shipped flat, protected, and ready for framing).

Canvas giclee details:

  • Artisan Archival Canvas, gloss
  • Solid wood stretched mount construction - 1.5" Deep
  • White Archival Backing & Wire Hanger

Paper giclee details:

  • Hahnemuhle Torchon, weight 19 mil
  • Bordered, with a deckled edge

    Framing and other finishing options

    We selected matting, framing, and other finish elements to best present and preserve each work. In particular, we have a preference for solid hardwood frame construction, but we'll also offer other materials, so long as it meets our standard of qualities.

    As for framed work requiring glazing (glass), we use an acrylic glass, which has benefits beyond that of traditional glass. Besides being lighter in weight, it avoids the high risk of glass breakage in transit. It also helps to protect the work from the UV sun exposure, while producing a wonderful reflection free image. Preserve your new work for generations to come.

    Framed Giclee – Paper Print

    • Frame: solid wood, Belmont (1.5"), (2.5") 
    • Color: light olive
    • Over-all size with frame (13 x 16"), ( 18 x 24")
    • Mat: Snow White
    • Glazing (Acrylic Glass): Conservation Reflection Control
    • White Archival Backing & Wire Hanger

    Framed Giclee – Canvas Prints

    • Frame: Country Colors
    • Color: Whiskey Brown, rustic
    • Over-all size with frame (x)
    • White Archival Backing & Wire Hanger

    Would you like another frame option?

    We've paired frames with a goal to enhance the presence of each work, and while we think they look great, it may not be just right for you or your space.

    Perhaps you prefer wood-tone to metallic, or contemporary to ornate. Whatever your reason, we'll gladly offer you up to three images of available framing options for you to consider.

    Here's what you need to do – click Ask a question (under Add To Cart) and submit a message containing a few details that will help us to create options. We will get back to you by email, usually within 48 hours.

    Tip: consider color, over-all size, material, mat, cost, and the over-all mood you want to achieve.

    If we can't quite get it right within our boutique ability, we recommend a visit to your local custom framer to achieve your perfect finish. Works available in more common sizes are also a great fit for ready-made frame options as well.

    A frame not only enhances the work itself, but can also initiate how the work is experienced within a space. The right frame can make something moody and strong, or soothing and subtle.


    Creative Possibilities