Midnight Dream, Original

Midnight Dream, Original

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About the work

  • Acrylic on canvas
  • Stretched over 1" solid wood bars
  • Size: 22" x 28"

Moody and beautiful, a dreamy land deep within a midnight slumber. The view as I cross from one realm to another.

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A frame not only enhances the work itself, but can also initiate how the work is experienced within a space. The right frame can make something moody and strong, or soothing and subtle.


Intuitive Process

Bring forward through layers

I load the canvas with paint and work it over the surface, to give it movement and place. And then I stand back, to seek what is there.

From literal art translation to rendered patternwork

The artful journey is never over, at least not for me. There may be times of rest, but no peice ever becomes barren of inspiration.

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