Autumn, not for sale

Autumn, not for sale

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I had such a tremendously grand time painting this piece. I remember sitting on the grass in the backyard. It was a perfect fall day just outside of Chicago. A brush of wind brought a cool kiss now and again, but mostly the sun shown just right. It was the perfect Indian Summer. 

This is an image of an unfinished piece. I had taken a photo during the process of creating this piece. I almost stopped here. Even while I do not have an original and can only enjoy it as print, it is enough. There is so much intrigue every where you go, you could easily get lost in there. I colors to me are so filled with energy without being overbearing.

I hope you enjoy this, even as an unfinished piece. If you are curious to see the finished piece, please visit the painting print titled FALL HORIZON. I guess I figured out what I searching for when I got lost in the depth of the unfinished. The weather was turning, and this is an expression of it.  


Intuitive Process

Bring forward through layers

I load the canvas with paint and work it over the surface, to give it movement and place. And then I stand back, to seek what is there.

From literal art translation to rendered patternwork

The artful journey is never over, at least not for me. There may be times of rest, but no peice ever becomes barren of inspiration.

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