Color the Horizon Cross Necklace<span>(One-of-a-kind, Sliver & Stone)</span>

Color the Horizon Cross Necklace(One-of-a-kind, Sliver & Stone)

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  • Pendent: Cross – Pure silver FS.999, stones (sapphire, ruby, peridot, cv, )
  • Chain: Argentium silver, 3mm zirconium faceted beads, argentium clasp
  • Pendant length: 1.25 inches
  • Chain length: 16 inches

This cross is handmade using Pure Silver (FS.999) metal clay, and uniquely faced with a variety of gem stones such as CV, Peridot, Ruby, Sapphire, and others. The beaded chain is hand-wired using Argentium silver, which accents perfectly the brilliance of pure silver, which is whiter than sterling. When paired with colorful zirconium, a beautiful faceted stone, the cross and chain truly compliment each other. 

This is a one-of-a-kind, complete with imperfections that leave an imprint of intention and give it life – so that it would call for attention and its essence would carry on. 

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Intuitive Process

Bring forward through layers

I load the canvas with paint and work it over the surface, to give it movement and place. And then I stand back, to seek what is there.

From literal art translation to rendered patternwork

The artful journey is never over, at least not for me. There may be times of rest, but no peice ever becomes barren of inspiration.

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