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God put in me a spirit of creativity. I am always creating– listening and watching, anticipating that inspiration will come. It's a journey and a dance. As an intuitive artist, I best enjoy the types of projects that fill me up, even while I may tire, and so adds to the essence of each work–that it would come alive with the power of creative beauty. I want to ignite that power and share it everywhere. Humanity needs it, don't you think? I hope when shared with others, my work will be both empowering and up-lifting.

Metal Clay

I often get lost in the making, as each piece takes its unique form between my mind and my hands, while my thoughts are let to wander. Something of the essense to which each piece becomes as rustic and raw as it is elegant and authentic.

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Paint to Pattern

We're translating paintings into unique digital patternwork and pairing it with selectivley curated product– a culmination of so many things that simply requires inspiration to come alive. Hurrah to a bright beginning for many new works and treasures to come.

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We moved from Chicago to the sunny Gulf coast of Florida in July of 2021. So here we are, my husband and I (and two of my four, my daughters), enjoying a fresh pace to contemplate where in the culmination of time we have arrived. We lost our beloved Esther along the way, but welcomed Arthur and Auggie. Meet Arthur, the lil'fella to your right. Auggie, MIA. ;)

But seriously, and sincerely, consider the condition the world is in, and the many ways people have struggled through the systemic destruction of faith and families.

Darkness really does permeate society these days, so what better a time than this to ignite the power of creative beauty, activate and share it in ways that are meaningful, useful, and serve as an inspiration for others to choose godliness and recognize what is of eternal value.

This is the path I wish to pave, won't you join me?

~ Tania Jarvinen

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Chasing Out Darkness
Chasing Out Darkness